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Why Living Word Academy?

Living Word Academy lifts up the Lord Jesus Christ every day. While there is a strong emphasis on academic achievement, this is a Christ-centered educational institution.

Student Life

LWA provides a distinctive student life experience with a combination of Christian activities and a rigorous academic curriculum. In addition to chapel services, prayer groups, and Bible classes, students have access to extracurricular activities such as art, music, photography, and drama. LWA offers a well-rounded education with core subjects such as mathematics, science, history, and English, as well as intramural sports. Our interscholastic sports are volleyball and track and field. Students are encouraged to engage in critical thinking and problem-solving, all within a supportive and faith-based environment. Overall, LWA fosters both academic and spiritual growth in its students.


Enrollment in this school requires meeting with the principal and taking a tour of the facilities. We desire parents to have the opportunity to discuss the school's curriculum and policies, as well as ask any questions. During the interview and tour, we want you to have a comprehensive understanding of what the school has to offer to allow you to make an informed decision about enrolling your child at Living Word Academy.


LWA Prepares

As an established Christian school in Syracuse for girls and boys in grades PreK-12, Living Word Academy prepares students to succeed in any venture they strive for. With instruction set on a Bible-based, Christian foundation, our students are encouraged in critical thinking, inspired to be creative, given the opportunity to lead, motivated to win, and prepared for their future to flourish in both Christ and society.



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Living Word Academy prepares students for the highest level of academics


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