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Started by Living Word Church as a place to train up young people to help produce spiritual life and academic excellence in future generations, Living Word Academy opened in September 1979. The Academy became N.Y.S. Board of Regents registered in September 1981. Our educational facility is situated on 16 acres, consisting of two academic buildings and the Living Word Church, which is also used for school activities.

Living Word Academy is a ministry of Living Word Church.
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Principal's Message

Greetings! I am glad you want to learn about a Christ-centered education for your children. We strive to provide families in our community with an affordable, Christian-based education. Our goal is to see each of our students make a personal commitment to Jesus Christ and live with sincerity and discipline.

I'm honored to be the first principal in the Academy's history who is also a graduate of the school. We have several core and elective teachers who are alumni. We appreciate the foundation that Living Word Academy has laid for us, where each day begins with chapel and Bible study and ends with prayer. Christ is our priority above all else, and this belief has become a foundation for the coming generations.

Our graduates are a living testimony on behalf of LWA. They have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, engineers, homemakers, teachers, janitors, and everything in between. Many use their careers to serve others, and we are blessed to hear of their continuing fruitfulness in Christ.

If you would like to learn more, please don't hesitate to contact me.

-Isaiah Rocine

Vision & Values

  • The Bible is the basis for Instruction

  • Strive to be disciplined in Life and Conduct

  • Salvation is only through Jesus Christ

  • A Life of Sanctification and Holiness

  • Praise and Worship

  • Love your neighbor as yourself

  • Love the Lord with all of your Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength 


Teachers & Volunteers

Living Word Academy teachers and volunteers are the heart of our program. Most of our full-time teachers are certified by New York State in their specific field of education, and several of our full-time teachers volunteer their time without compensation. LWA has over 80 volunteers who serve the children in a variety of capacities, including teaching, nursing, clerical positions, coaches, food service, and custodial services. The Academy and children are immensely helped by the effort of these Spirit-filled people.


Isaiah Rocine



Terry Virag

Business Office


Melissa Meyer

LWA Office Manager


LWA Office

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