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LWA Sports

Living Word Academy has an extensive background in various sports but has excelled in our main intramural sports programs of Volleyball and Track and Field. Our small school has risen up among larger schools, winning many titles, awards, and trophies since the programs began years ago.



Welcome to Living Word Academy's volleyball program! Our program offers a welcoming and supportive environment for students who are passionate about volleyball. Our experienced coaches provide expert instruction and guidance, helping students develop their skills and reach their full potential. Our program emphasizes teamwork, sportsmanship, and Christian values, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and respect both on and off the court. By participating in our volleyball program, students develop not only their athletic abilities, but also their character and faith, preparing them for success both in volleyball and in life.

Track and Field


Welcome to Living Word Academy's track and field program! Our program offers students the opportunity to develop their athletic abilities in a supportive and inclusive environment. Our experienced coaches provide expert instruction in a range of track and field events, helping students improve their speed, strength, and agility. Our program also emphasizes Christian values such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and perseverance, helping students develop their character and faith as they pursue their athletic goals. By participating in our track and field program, students build their confidence, develop their athletic abilities, and grow as individuals both on and off the track.


"Outdoor (spring) Track & Field has seen strong involvement by students since that sport began in 2006. In the years since, LWA varsity teams have won Sectional Championships four times and placed highly in Class competition many other times. In the postseason, individual athletes have progressed to State Qualifiers and to the NY State Championship. But track & field at LWA is not all about the top performers. As head coach, I make it a point with the coaching staff to respect and work with every kid who comes out for track, regardless of their natural ability. This begins with our 7th-8th grade modified program (which also competes inter-scholastically) and extends through high school. Except for certain large meets with limited entries, we're able to get every student who joins the team into competition. This characteristic of track & field is in contrast to other sports where only the starters and a few subs typically get the chance to play. We've had as many as 47 students on the combined boys' and girls' varsity roster, and I'm happy to report that every last one of them got to participate."

- Von Sleight, Head Coach

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