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Thank you for considering Living Word Academy

Enrollment Information

Enrollment in this school requires meeting with the principal and taking a tour of the facilities. We desire parents to have the opportunity to discuss the school's curriculum and policies, as well as ask any questions. During the interview and tour, we want you to have a comprehensive understanding of what the school has to offer to allow you to make an informed decision about enrolling your child at Living Word Academy.

Aside from the extensive tour and interview, there are a couple criteria:

  • Someone with significant input in the child's life needs to have made a commitment to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Bible.

  • The child needs to be attending a Bible-believing/preaching and practicing church regularly.

Parents & Students

At Living Word Academy we like to say that education is like a three legged stool; if any leg doesn't do its part the whole stool will fall.  The household, the school, and the student represent the three legs.  The household takes the lead and the school is here to support, but the student also bears individual responsibility for their success in education.  We've found that emphasizing this individual responsibility has fostered success for our students as they graduate and move on into adulthood.  We try to treat our students like apprentice adults, who are capable of taking ownership of their lives and academic growth.





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